Real Estate

Our property owning model has led us to specialise in developing, investing and managing  commercial and residential real estate assets. Our focus on long term value creation reflects in our collaboration and investment efforts to develop land in high demanding urban areas.


We follow a full scale approach, covering all the real estate development stages from inception, granting the quality of the end product at each milestone, to its starting operations and property management.


We believe in contributing to our clients success through the design of better places and high-quality environments, responding to their day to day needs and changing lifestyles of upcoming generations.


Urban planning

Committed to creating better cities for local communities, we collaborate with public authorities in the development of urban land.

Project & Construction Management

Real Estate development (owned or commissioned by third parties)  

Every project is managed in a comprehensive manner, partnering with architects and planners.

We conduct project monitoring at each stage of the construction works ensuring the highest quality standards of the end product, both in our real estate developments and those commissioned by third parties, investors, funds and financial institutions.  

Developments for sale 

We promote real estate developments for sale. We lead the process from start to finish including product design, marketing and sales completion.

Property Management

We develop real estate properties, taking care of the asset management since the start of operations, building on over three decades of proximity to our clients.

Our success lies in our capabilities to build up on high enduring value properties, operated by in-house professionals devoted to each of our clients.

 Our most iconic buildings